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Baby Riders from age 2.5 First discoveries

Baby Riders from age 2.5

For children aged 2.5 to 4, we run ski lessons as long as there are 2 learners. Mini-groups have a maximum capacity of 3 to 4 students per instructor.

We usually go straight to the Tortin chairlift with these learners. This teaching method gives the learner the opportunity to ‘go for a walk’ on their skis. The learning is quick and optimal, depending on each person’s capacity, and takes place on the squirrel and rabbit trail. It is essentially a teaching, methodological and technical pathway with educational panels for illustration.


“PARENT/CHILD”: You are welcome to ask us about the option to come with your child. Everything that the instructor does in their teaching can be tailored by you to suit your child, drawing on the interactions and habits that you have with the child on a day-to-day basis.  


Here is a bit of "advice for families", and here is the link for private courses

A quick overview of the different options available :


A group lesson usually available in the week during the high and low season.

10 a.m. to 12 p.m. / 6 days CHF 324.- / 5 days CHF 295.-


This is a great opportunity to make some good friends and enjoy a group experience on Saturday mornings outside the school holiday periods.


Group lessons on Wednesday in January and/or March.